About Us


At last! BigTicketShop is what we’ve all been waiting for. With this site you don’t have to bother queueing up or spending hours listening to hold music on the phone for hours, racking up a jaw-dropping phone bill.

We do all of the searching, queuing and waiting for you. We return results for tickets to the events that you want in an instant, and offer you the very best choice of prices too. Because we compare tickets from a whole host of websites, including resale sites so that you can see tickets for even SOLD OUT events.

You want a ticket to something…. It’s sold out… But someone else has a ticket and wants to sell it. Our partners offer a safe way of doing this. And we compare them all so you can get the right price or best choice for you.

If someone else with a ticket can’t go, you can!

BigTicketShop is a free to use service that works in partnership with various ticket retailers. Our purpose is to filter all of the information that is provided on those numerous sites, onto our one site, so that you can easily see what is available. This will let you make a hassle free decision when it comes to choosing the number of tickets, the price and, in cases, where you would like to sit.

Similar to a comparison site, BigTicketShop itself does not sell tickets. Rather, we provide a wonderful list of the best deals on offer from several retailers, offer discounts where we can, and link you to the greatest offer so that you can place your order. It is one of the safest and most convenient ways to make sure that you get the tickets that you want.

Any information that you provide to BigTicketShop stays on BigTicketShop. That means that you can return to visit us again and again and we will have an understanding of the types of concerts, tours, plays, musicals, matches and games that you are interested in. It saves even more time, and your details are never shared with outsiders.

The next time that your favourite music artist is on tour, or the football season kicks off, or a new performance opens, don’t bother hopping from one ticket seller to the other trying to find the cheapest deal for the best seats. Just log on to BigTicketShop and let us do all the leg work for you!