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Jazz and Reggae Tickets

Jazz and Reggae are popular forms of music the world over with thousands of people listening to them every day. There are countless artists who play the music of this genre, as well as many subgenres to both jazz and reggae since they have developed and diversified constantly since their inception.
Reggae first developed in Jamaica in the 1960s but it has since become a recognised and appreciated form of music all over the world. Reggae can be recognised for certain elements which always crop up, such as the offbeat and very particular rhythmic accents. These are usually played by the guitar or piano. The tempo of reggae is slow and uses syncopated melodic bass lines, which makes it very distinctive.
Jazz originated at the beginning of the 20th century and has been popular ever since, and it is also a very distinctive style which can easily be recognised. The music is known for its blues notes, improvisation, polyrhythm and syncopation. The form is very popular since it is known for being heartfelt and soulful, as well as lively and fun. These two musical forms continue to draw in large audiences, with listeners all over the world. The forms are known for being easy to listen to and catchy, with a number of artists who are very well known making their name in these genres. Many forms of popular chart music also draw inspiration from jazz and reggae, by combining it with other styles or capitalising on certain elements which are fundamental to jazz and reggae.