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World Music Tickets

World music is a very broad category it encompasses traditional music from every country in the world, giving fans of a different kind of music a large range of options when it comes to choosing what to see being performed than fans of other kinds of music.
The diversity of world music can be seen in the many styles that are performed throughout the UK, from Indian raga music to Eastern European folk and African tribal music. Much of a style痴 popularity in the Western world may come from the collaborations of a well-known Western artist with an artist associated with traditional music in another country for example, Paul Simon痴 Graceland album, considered one of his career highlights, is strongly influenced by and features collaborations with South African Mbaqanga musicians, and former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel has worked extensively with Pakistani Sufi singers. World music influences can even be heard in the work of Led Zeppelin, most notably in the band痴 track 適ashmir This is an important type of exposure for these musicians and their styles of music, with one track with Rihanna doing more for them on a global scale than years of toil in their native countries.
With the money they earn from these collaborations, these artists can play in the UK and other countries, usually in small venues and at affordable prices because there isn稚 a huge level of demand from the general public to see them. One of the best places to see them is at the WOMAD Festival, which celebrates world music annually.