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Michael McIntyre Tickets

Michael McIntyre has become a household name throughout Britain, and for good reason. Since becoming a professional stand up comedian, he has stolen the attention of millions of viewers all over the country, with his perfect sarcastic and fantastical view to every day life, pointing out the habits of the British that the rest of us miss, showing everyone how amusing everyday life in England really is. Never will you see such an amusing take on the London Underground chaos or a more truthful interpretation of every Englishman’s ‘man drawer’. However, despite the unending amusement Michael McIntyre could easily provide about the English, he doesn’t think to limit himself there. With word-perfect accents from many different cultures he will happily take on many different countries, producing humour directed at all four corners of the globe, with his emphatic stage manner and unending energy, even his hair seems to have a mind of its own, not staying still for a single moment. Only with the king of stand up will you find a detailed and imaginable interpretation as to the humble beginnings of the Scottish kilt, or how the American language apparently proves every American’s incapability of following anything other than very specific instructions. Watching such a superb comedian will without a doubt provide endless hours of humour, and you’ll find his quotes and famous lines sneaking into your everyday life as well, making every situation amusing in a way that everyone will understand. Seeing such a talent live will make you the envy of all friends and relatives, no exceptions. With such comedy gold available at your fingertips, why would you want to miss out? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that cannot be missed, you will surely regret not seeing such artistry in action.