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Strictly Come Dancing Tickets

We all wait for that time of year when Strictly Come Dancing arrives back on our screens. Whether it is the stunning costumes, elegant dances or the conflict of the judges, we all tune in to watch. The show sees 14 celebrities paired up with 14 professional dancers and every week they battle it out and show off a different dance in order to gain votes and remain in the competition. The glamorous outfits are just one aspect of the show that draws in so many viewers. Many people tune in to see their favourite celebrities show off their moves, to appreciate the beautiful dances or to hear the judge’s comments. Whatever your reasons for watching, it is a sure delight for all the family. Starting back in may 2004, strictly come dancing as excelled in its success. Having just started the ninth series, this show remains to be growing every year. From the cha cha cha to the paso doble, there are a number of different dances to catch everyone’s eye. Each series brings a remarkable amount of talent and determination to perfect the moves and strive through the competition. As well as the television series, the Strictly Come Dancing live tour is an event not to miss. Starting in 2008, the live tour sees a number of couples from the television series performing on stage for a live audience. The live show allows for more polished dance routines and enables a larger audience than the television series. This means that all the shows fans have the opportunity to see the dancing up close. The live tour really is an enchanting show that mixes passion with elegance. Running through January and February of 2012 at a number of venues, this is a show you won’t want to miss so buy in advance from BigTicketShop.co.uk